segwayMany people did mock it, it became a sensation as well as inspiration for several memes, but the truth is, the segway howerboards are getting more and more popular as they are quite convenient for many purposes of transportation, fun to ride and still provide some toning exercise for your body. Since the first Segway PT were released some years ago as handlebared scooters, the idea simply settled down and many new designs inspired were released. The two-wheeled segway scooters are the latest sensation as they are even funnier than the conventional segways with handlebars and there are several models already available in the market for both beginners, kids, adults and pro riders.

PictureName Discount Link
Swagway X1 Self Balancing Electric UnicycleDISCOUNT LINK
Lookatool® Kids Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle ScooterDISCOUNT LINK
EROVER Smart Self Balancing ScootersDISCOUNT LINK
CoolReall™ Self Balancing ScooterDISCOUNT LINK
FITURBO F1 Smart Self Balancing SegwayDISCOUNT LINK
SanWay Segway Electric HoverboardDISCOUNT LINK

We made a selection with six of the best models available in the market considering the variety of different models according to the purpose of each device. Of course, our criteria includes top rated products that are also top sellers, a perfect match of some of the best segways for you to purchase. After you check our list, also take a look on our quick guide to know all you should about howerboards scooters before you purchase your own.

Best Segway Rewievs

Swagway X1 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Swagway X1 Self BalancingThis unincycle segway is one of the hottest trends lately in the market for segway scooters, with a lot of edgy features that will enhance the performance of transportation. While it runs on the standard 10 mph that most of these segway scooters work, the Swagway X1 has a load capacity for up to 200 lb, which is really a lot and makes it the most resilient of the segways scooters out there. It will also work on some of the most edgy climbing degrees, up to 15 degrees uphills. You can find this model easily on 5 different colors.


  •  Two wheels scooter
  •  Up to 10 mph
  •  Load capacity of 220 lb
  •  Climbing ability up to 15 degrees
  •  5 different colors


  •  This is the lightest model available in the market
  •  Turning ability at zero degree
  •  You can run up to 20 miles per charge
  •  Certified by several different standards: RoHS, WERCs, CE, FCC, UN38.3, and Prop65.
  •  One year warranty
  •  Available from $390

Lookatool® Kids Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter

Lookatool® Kids Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle ScooterLookatool has several different kinds of segway scooters and they couldn’t let to produce one special line for kids – as well as for light, short people. This segway is ligther and consequently, easier to handle and learn the directions you need to find your balance over a segway. This model weights only 27 lbs and offers all the same features of performance most models does: 15 degreee climbing, 10 mph speed and 0 degree turning.


  •  Light segway scooter for kids
  •  Weights only 27 lbs
  •  15 degree climbing
  •  9Mph max speed


  •  Easier to handle since it is less heavy, ideal for kids and people that are starting to get used to the segways.
  •  Available on 5 different colors
  •  Will make 0 degrees turning
  •  Available from $369

EROVER Smart Self Balancing Scooters

EROVER Smart Self Balancing ScootersThis EROVER model is manufactured for adults pro runners who are looking for a steady scooter. The model also offers all the basic standards that most segways do, but it comes with some extra functionalities like LED lights to make the scooter useful also during the night. Another nice trait of this scooter is the adaptable degreee tilting ability. Depending on your weight, it will be able to climb uphills up to 30º. EROVER also developed a model that works with Lithium battery, offering great autonomy for its users for many hours.


  •  Two-wheeled scooter for adults and pro runners
  •  Drifting board includes LED Light
  •  9 mph max speed
  •  Tilt capacity up to 30º (depending on weight of the rider)


  •  Resilient segway scooter for adults, weighting a bit more than average scooters (29 lbs)
  •  Lithium batteries offer a great autonomy
  •  Available on black color
  •  Available from $369

CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter

CoolReall™ Self Balancing ScooterThis CoolReall model is a great option for people who are looking for a segway like the EROOVER for some less bucks and with more options of colors. There are 12 different color variations and you can even choose models with different Samsung battery types. This model also has wider wheels so you can enjoy a better performance, even though the max speed is still the same as most models (9 mph). You can ride this howerboard also during night making use of the LED light bulb that is built-in the segway.


  •  Self balancing segwayfor adults
  • Wider 6.5″ wheels
  •  15 degreee climbing and 0 degreee turning abilities included
  •  9 mph max speed
  •  Includes LED Light


  •  This is a more accessible version of a pro segway howerboard that exclusively offers wider wheels for a better stability
  •  The LED light bulb included makes the segway useful during the night
  •  Available on 12 different colors
  •  Available from $ 356

  FITURBO F1 Smart Self Balancing Segway

FITURBO F1 Smart Self Balancing ScootersThe F1 segway scooter developed by FITURBO is one more option of pro scooter on our list and resemble very much the previous models: also has a LED light integration, works with electric drifting board, 15 degree climbing and 0 degree turning. This one however is a bit more fast because it weights less, around 27 lbs. This one also works with Lithium batteries and costs much less than previous models on promotional sale.


  •  Electric segway  with standard two-wheel system
  •  Weights 27 lbs
  •  10 mph max speed.
  •  Lithium battery
  •  Built-in LED light


  •  Much more affordable on promotional sale than previous models
  •  Works as well as a great add for night rides with the LED light
  •  Lighter than many pro adults segway howerboards
  •  Available from $282

 SanWay Segway Electric Hoverboard

SanWay Segway Electric Hoverboard The last item of our list is the definitve model for beginners. It runs smoothly on the lowest capacity of our list, only 6 mph, this is enough to ensure safe speeds for kids and people who are really not that easy adaptable to find a self balance over these machines. On the other hand, this model is not   like the cheapest version you can find, it is a light model of 27 lbs, has a resilient Lithium battery and the tilt mechanism is adaptable to up to 30 degrees, which means kids and quite light people can go uphills much more vertical than usual howerboards can.


  •  Golden segway segway
  •  6 mph max speed
  •  Tilts up to 30 degrees depending on rider weight
  •  Lithium battery
  •  27 lbs


  • This is one is the most accessible of our list and great for people who are intending to learn how to ride segway scooters. The speed limit here (the lowest of the list) is on purpose to allow this segway to be used by both adults and kids.
  • This segway also adapts to the riders weight providing better performance on uphills up to 30 degrees depending on your weight.
  • Available from $ 280

 What Is A Segway Hoverboard

 The segway scooters are two-wheeled segways without handlebars, and while they are inspired in these quite steady models, the howerboard work quite differently since they do not have any kind of controlled activating mechanism or stability resources. The two wheel mechanism requires from the riders the same kind of balance you need to ride a bike. For some people this is quite insane and difficult in the beginning because in the moment you position yourself over the segway howerboards, it activates itself automatically and the device starts to run. There is no start and stop buttons, so it really requires the user to get adapted to this kind of synchrony you have to develop with the transporter.

The automatic activation works based on pressure mechanism when both feet are over the pedals. Are uncountable the number of videos of people trying for the first time to ride these segways and failing miserably, but once you get used to it, these devices are excellent to take you to your work or school, riding on speeds up to 10 mph. All segway scooters are electrical, you charge them and they will run certain distances with that charge. Most models are adpated to run 10 miles with one charge, so the batteries last for as long as 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your speed.

How To Find the Best Segway Hoverboard

As you have seen in our list there are some different types of segway models that are based on the level of skills or physical capacity of the riders. Users that are getting into this style of self balancing transportation will make good use of models developed for beginners or kids. Basically they are the same because kids are lighter so they need less robust products, as well as less heavy devices, and this is better to reach the balance you need over the scooter.

On the other hand, models a bit more sturdy are the ideal for “professional” riders because they have better motors and can reach higher speeds. You also have to pay attention to the tilt capacity of the each scooter depending on the kind of route you would like to take with your segway. Models that have versatile tilt, based on the weight of the rider, can reach up to 30 degrees of inclination so you can face some uphills a bit harder than usual. Of course this is based on your weight, so the more heavy you are, the less it will tilt. People who can enjoy of this kind of ability should pay attention to this feature, otherwise you can stick to most models since they offer all at least the 15 degrees inclination that is standard among segway howerboards.

What You Should Know Right Now About the Best Segway Hoverboard

You are the one to decide the best model for you based on our list as we have options for several different purposes. While some models might have the better speed limits and sturdy motors, you may not need all of that for around a $100 extra if you are a beginner and can ride a segway for 6 mph let’s say. However, wherever you look for high quality segways you must never forget that some features are key to determine a good segway: pressure activation mechanism, anti-slip pedals and 1 hour at least battery are really a must. The first one is the best way to put on to work the engines – some models work based on touch and that can be tricky as your first foot over the segway already activates it; anti-slip surfaces are even more necessary to avoid accidents and the power capacity of these devices must not be less than at least 1 hour otherwise you are buying cheap products.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

The differences between one model to other are quite subtle but they make the whole difference. Segway howerboards aren’t really that much different from one each other because these devices must be light, simple and effective. While some offer one and other extras like LED lights, the differences here are much more related to the prestige of manufacturers than other details. Swagaway and EROVER, for example, are two prestigious brands, lots of the parts of their products are made in USA and not manufactured in China, so that makes their outlet products more expensive – and somehow of better quality for sure.

The other point you have to bear in mind is how they are designed for different purposes so you can save some bucks comparing one model to other if you are already a pro based on the models that are made for pros, and the same goes for the basic models for kids and beginners.

And of course, segway howerboards are fun. You can surely take into account the variety of colors as they can be as cool too watch than to ride.