Best Zero Gravity Chair for 2015In the furniture industry there is no limit for the development of new ideas to provide more comfort and ergonomic benefits, and the zero gravity chairs are one of the best and most coveted chairs when it comes to comfort outdoors, providing ergonomic benefits for your health and all that with very few cushion systems needed, making these chairs quite affordable outdoor acquisitions. There are several different models available in the market and we made a rich selection of seven of the most well rated and purchased chairs of this kind so far.

Zero gravity chairs are made of partially or totally synthetic fabrics that are as well elastic and resilient, so the costs of this kind of furniture is much more affordable while they are even more comfortable than traditional lounge pool chairs made on wood, metals and covered on extra cushions. But the most important and singular element about the zero gravity chair is its reclining capacity that simulates the experience of astronauts in the space, improving the quality of your back rest. Let’s take a look on some of the top notch best zero gravity chair with concise reviews about what they offer and also what you need to know about them before you purchase your own.

Quick Guide on Zero Gravity Chairs

Most of the beach chairs out there in the market are crafted using the zero gravity technology but you have to understand why and also how they are designed and what consequently you get with this kind of technology before you make your mind doing a purchase.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

Basically, zero gravity chairs are recliners with quite obtuse angles of reclining, up to position your feet high enough they get above your heart. This position is the one similar to what astronauts experience in the space, and this provides many health benefits to the blood circulation, back pain and tension relief as well as a bigger sensation of comfort and sensibility due to the higher amount of blood stream in the brain.

Are they really comfortable with such simple slim fabrics in the seats?

Yes, they are, and the secret here is not how thick and robust a cushion seat can be but how flexible and ergonomically designed it is. Most brands make use of synthetic, elastic fabrics that are adjustable to many different weight measures, of course each chair has its own limitations of weight, in general up to 300 to 350 lb.

Are these chairs durable?

Many people would rather buy a fancy lounge chair furniture made of sturdy stainless steel or impermeable high resistant wood because they believe simple beach chairs or outdoor recliners will easily fade and deteriorate, but the zero gravity chairs are developed to resist the weather and outdoors elements as well as any other furniture. Practically all them are made of stainless steel to be able to be used in the beach, and you can be sure none of the chairs of our list will be breaking apart after 1 year or so, they are really tough babies!

Purchase Guide to find Best Zero Gravity Chair

Before we get to our list, make sure to check some details on the products that most interest you:

  • Breathable meshes: the best kind of seat you can have for a zero gravity chair is a breathable one. The sticky sensation of your own sweat spread on your skin is not comfortable neither hygienic and may even cause skin irritations. Always consider chairs that have breathable meshes so you do not have to make use of a towel or something else over the chair to avoid this kind of issue. Likewise, using other tissues over the synthetic fabric might be uncomfortable if there is not enough adherence.
  • Weight limit: pay attention also to the weight limitations of the chairs if you are planning to share it with other people. While most chairs have a quite high tolerance, avoid to reach the limit because this will reduce the lifespan of the fabrics in the seat. Zero gravity chairs that work with bungee system also must avoid reaching these limitations to avoid the destruction of the link between the cords and the synthetic fabric.
  • UVA/UVB resistance: if you are planning to use these chairs under the sun with no protective cover systems you should not consider models that do not have resistance to the sun radiation. With time the fabric will fade and deteriorate and your chair will perish as soon as you planned.

Best Zero Gravity Chair : Our top 7 Choices

Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair

Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool ChairOutsunny is arguably the best brand developing zero gravity chairs in the market, their products are the most popular especially because they develop gravity chairs for many different ambients, indoors and outdoors. The Lounge Patio as the name suggest is an outdoor model that works both for pool and garden areas, with padding rests and fabrics that are resistant to the actions of the sun light, including UV rays.


– Steel parts are powder-coated, resistant to weather actions
– Seats made of mesh breathable material resistant to UV rays.
– Support area is crafted with an elastic replaceable cord
– Includes padded head rest


– Mesh is flexible and adjust to many different bodies
– Won’t retain sweat and easy to clean, ideal for sun bath
– Foldable for easy storage and transportation
– Indicated for reflexology therapy
– Available from $104 on promotional sale, original price for $220

Lafuma RSX Clip Zero Gravity Recliner

Lafuma RSX Clip Zero Gravity ReclinerThe RSX is a fancy model developed by Lafuma in France, but despite the fact the chair is imported you do not have to pay more than you would for an Outsunny. This model is almost the same price and is one of the direct competitors of the referential brand. Many people would prefer this model because of crafting qualities but the differences and superiority between one and other is still personal or related to the fact the brand has patented its own meshes and fabrics used in the chair.


– Foldable recliner with many positions available
– Patented HLE (High Limit Elastic) mesh
– Patented levers technology to adjust the position are highly resistant


– Batyline seat: thanks to its 3% max. stretch technology, it doesn’t sag
– High resistance to UV rays, mildew, color fading and rotting.
– Head rest removable for better cleaning. All other parts are removable, replaceable and washable.
– Available from $170 to $180

Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair With Pillow And Canopy

Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair With Pillow And CanopyThis model is another sophisticated gravity chair that includes pillow and canopy and has a design that not only fits most body sizes but also works ergonomically to provide comfort and a right posture even when you lay. With capacity up to 350 lbs and can also be purchased as part of a set for outdoors and pool area with gazebos and other furniture developed by the brand.


– It is resistant to rust, steel frame powder-coated
– Vinyl fabric waterproof
– Includes a set of double bungee cords at the sides to grant stability
– Includes the pillow headrest and an adjustable canopy


– Foldable, easy for storage and transportation
– Available in many different colors, waterproof material easy for cleaning
– Available from $75 to $170

Bliss Gravity Recliner

Bliss Gravity ReclinerThis Bliss model resembles quite much our previous model but has a selection of materials composing the fabric much more rich made of polyester following industry standards. This is a more affordable option which includes the canopy and even a drink tray. Bliss also has a set of many different colors and decorative textures, is also another option when it comes to aesthetic composition of the ambient.


– Fabric of the seat is made of woven polyester coated on PVC
– Includes canopy, head pillow and an exclusive drink tray
– Metalic parts also made on a powder-coated steel frame


– You can lock and recline in many different positions
– Is also designed with ergonomic purposes to improve a better circulation and less tension on muscles
– Canopy and drink tray are removable. The firs one can be adjusted to many different positions and is UVA/UVB resistant as well as work as a filter for your protection
– Available from $130 to $160

Faulkner Newport Sand Recliner

Faulkner Newport Sand ReclinerThis Faulkner design is even more oriented for pool resting and also beach recreational use, sturdy resistant to corrosion of salt and other deteriorating agents. Even though this version has much less attachments, it is still made of high quality fabrics and like all top zero gravity chairs, is resistant to the deterioration caused by the sun ultraviolet rays. This is also the only one of our list that has a mix of organic fabrics for better sweat retention. This is also the only that has a sliding adjustable head rest, so it will fit many different sizes of people.


– Seats are made of a mix fabric including cotton, polyester and nylon
– Head pillow is sliding adjustable and completely removable
– Includes lock system
– Weight capacity up to 300 lb, available on X-Large sizes


– Organic compound on the mesh avoid the skin getting stick due to sweat retention
– Also foldable
– Includes lock system and exclusve “deep relaxation” angle
– Available from $120

Camco Zero Gravity Recliner

Camco Zero Gravity ReclinerThe Camco recliner is another great option for a standard purchase and is also another option when it comes to decoration. The set of chairs is popular due to the many different textures that are crafted on polyester fabric. Is also resistant to sun deterioration and has the traditional head rest you can adjust with a simple system of sliding laces attached to the metal frame.


– Made on exclusive texture of polyester UV resistant that is padded
– Includes lock system
– Steel frame also powder-coated
– Headrest adjustable


– Lock system for many different positions
– The headrest also provides the use of the chair for many different people with different heights
– You can also find it on different colors and textures
– Available from $135

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity ChairThe Caravan design is the most affordable and some of the most popular zero gravity chairs you will find out there. They are available in many different textures too even though they do not provide that much variety of attachments or patented, exclusive fabrics resistant to UV rays. Their lock system by the way is the most versatile and simple to use, with only your two index fingers you can smoothly set quite subtle different angles. Caravan also has many sets of furniture for the outdoors and you can get one of their chairs for less than $100.


– Seat is made of durable textiline fabric
– Multi reclining function with finger lock system
– Headrest adjustable can even be used as a lumbar support
– Supports up to 300 lbs


– Quite flexible lock reclining system
– Is resistant to deterioration of the sea air
– Available on many different colors
– Available from less than $100

Summing Up

Whether you need a lounge alike chair for your pool patio or just a comfortable recliner to set on your porch under shade, don’t forget the differences and limitations between one and other model. You can always implement your chair as you wish with more cushions or protective system, the important it to plan wisely the use of the chair to make a good investment for your own comfort.

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