You don’t want to wait until your tires are blown away to change them in the middle of the road, much better have in hands a good tire pressure gauge tool and check them whenever you feel something is out of balance – you need the Best Tire Pressure Gauge. While the ideal is always perform a periodic check up on your tires with a reliable auto shop, long distance trips require this checking whenever you may need it the most, with no warning notices.

We will take a look on 5 of the most purchased and celebrated tire pressure gauges in the market as well as we will give you tips to purchase this tool.

Best Tire Pressure Gauge Comparison Chart and Reviews : Our Top Reviews

Astro Pneumatic 3018 3-1/2-Inch

This is probably one of the best rated tire pressure gauge overall on the internet, ranking quite well in several different web stores, not only because it is a great product but also because the tire gauge comes with a digital inflator mechanism: you check the difference and you repair it with only one machine.

Astro Pneumatic 3018 3-1/2-Inch Digital Tire Inflator with Hose

  • Easy Change Chuck System
  • Displays KG, PSI or BAR measurement
  • Digital inflator to repair the pressure
  • Allows accurate reading of tire pressure assisting with functionality of use with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • Two position lever; 1st position deflates, 2nd position inflates
  • Also works on a nitrogen system

5 stars, available for $70.

Longacre Deluxe 2 ½” GID Tire Gauge

 Longacre Deluxe Tire Gauge

The Deluxe Version of the Longcare is another quite well rated product. The brand is a traditional one, but they are blending modernity with classic style. Analogic display with a glow in the dark face and higher accuracy.

  • 2 1/2″ Glow-In-The-Dark face for high accuracy and easy readability
  • 1/2 lb increments with 2% accuracy
  • Holds pressure until released
  • Swivel angle chuck installed with alternate ball chuck included
  • High Flow release button

4 ½ stars, available for around $50 to $60.

Moroso 89550 Tire Pressure Gauge

Moroso 89550 Tire Pressure Gauge

This Moroso analogic tire pressure gauge is not that different than the Longacre. While it doesn’t have a night reading display with fluorescence, you can count with a quite flexible hose lenght and a valve that can be operated by your finger.

  • Dial Type, 0-15 psi
  • Reads 0-15 psi
  • Finger operated air-bleed valve
  • Chuck rotates 360 degrees
  • 15-1/2″ hose length

4 ½ stars. Available by around $50 to $60.

Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge (with bright LED display. batteries included)

This is one of the most compact and high quality products of our list. After all, you don’t need tire gauges able to change the oil of the motor for you, they just have to read measures of pressure and help you to do so in the dark. On the other hand, they are not as cheap as you might think at all.

  • Digital gauge with bright LED display and batteries included
  • Programmable to read for the target tire pressure of the vehicle
  • The Air Bleed function measures exact pressure. ( A beep sounds once the reading is completed! )
  • Provides accurate readings to ensure tires are at their ideal pressure
  • A straight-push nozzle makes the gauge easy to use
  • The extra-large backlight display is easy to read in all conditions

4 ½ stars, Buy it for $30 to $40.

Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light

Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light

The famous american brand also has a quite praised tire pressure gauge tool. The MN-12279 is another high quality and acessible tire pressure gauge with all you need for a useful gauge and modernity.

  • Programmable Tire Gauge with White LED flashlight and storage pouch
  • Rubberized soft grip and die cast rugged housing
  • Program front and rear desired tire pressure – gauge remembers the desired setting
  • Gauge accuracy is +/- 1% plus 0.5 PSI

4 ½ stars, availablefor $20 to $30.

Purchaser’s FAQ

What a tire pressure gauge will do for my car?

In simple words, it will check whether the tires are fit or not to run around in the streets. This measurement is made checking the air pressure of the tire. Checking the air pressure is essential to avoid exposing your car to difficult areas and taking the risk to have a flat tire.

What does a good tire pressure gauge must have?

It depends on the type of vehicle. The bigger the capacity to read the pressure, heavier will be the ideal vehicle, then you won’t need a robust mechanism for a motorcycle in the same you need for a truck.

PSI Gauge accuracy Diameter of the Display
Astro Pneumatic 3018 0,01-175,0 1,00% 3-1/2”
Longacre Deluxe 2 ½” GID 0-60 2,00% 2 ½”
Moroso 89550 0-15 2,00% 2-5/8″
Craftsman Digital 0-15 2,00% Digital, 2 to 3” square
Michelin MN-12279 0-10 1,50% Digital, 1.5 to 2”