Best Nursing ChairRocking chairs are great for a relaxing smooth ride as the swinging back and forth of these comforting chairs are therapeutic to say the least. It is no different with babies, and a little push to make them swing softly makes wonders when you are trying to lull your baby. Nursing chairs are especially developed to make this experience the most efficient as possible for both mother and child, since rocking chairs are often just a wood frame that can get quite uncomfortable after a while, specially with the weight of a new born or a toddler in your lap.

There are several different models of nursery chairs and we did selected the best, most well rated and praised ones especially for you. While there are many different designs, the best nursing chairs in general all have similar features that are essential and work great together, otherwise would provide a poor performance, so your job most likely is to select the one with the best style for your taste, or the best price, weight capacity and so on, the kind of details that are personal and kind of easy to consider – unless you are often quite undecided.

Before you check our list of best nursery chairs, take a look on our quick purchase guide to know all you have to know about nursery chairs before you make your purchase.

Buyer’s Quick Guide of Tips for The Best Nursing Chair

  1. Comfort – Sometimes these chairs may look all the same, but the padding used in the cushions makes a whole lot of difference sometimes, especially when it is about sitting in one of these chairs with extra weight over your lap. Consider always how much thick, sturdy and ergonomic is the padding. Apart from the volume, you can check with retailers or manufacturers the quality of the material. Some foams are better than others, but this also requires a personal research there on this topic.
  2. Lock System – Most of the nursery chairs have some kind of lock system to make the chair stand still, static, because leaving a chair like that with a baby or toddler on your lap can get dangerous when the seat doesn’t stop rocking. However, not all them offer several different settings of lock. If you want a chair that can lock itself on many different angles, do look for this feature. This allows you to lock the chair partially reclined, for example, or on lift position just like the lift chairs.
  3. Assembly – Unfortunately, nursing chairs require assembly, but not all them have the tools that are necessary for this job included in the pack. Check with retailers whether you are purchasing all you need to assemble the furniture as well as you can always give preference to manufacturers that have a network of authorized technicians in your city to assemble it correctly.

Best Nursing Chair : Our Top Picks

Dutailier Nursing Grand Modern Glider Chair with Built-In Feeding Pillows

Dutailier Nursing Grand Modern Glider Chair with Built-In Feeding Pillows

The Grand Modern nursing glider developed by Dutaillier is surely one of the finest and best equipped nursing chair you can get these days, and despite the fact it is an imported product, you can already find it on promotional, accessible prices. The cushion system of this chair is really a sturdy, well designed one and you can enjoy a good moment gliding or just sitting on it with no problems. The furniture is especially developed for mothers nursing their kids, so you will find built-in pillows to support the nursing experience and a safety lock system to stop the glider in a safe position so you can leave the chair with no worries. This chair is also sold with a glided ottoman but in general the item is not included in the purchase, check with the retailer whether you have this nice bonus or not.


– Glider nursing chair made on 98% polyester and 2% polyurethane
– Ergonomic cushion system
– Includes a lock system in the glider
– Frame made on hardwood


– This chair has a great upholstery and padding systems. You can get a great relaxing session from this chair with its sturdy headrests and lumbar support
– The chair includes built-in feeding pillows so you can nurse your child with even more comfort
– Includes an extra pillow for extra lumbar support
– Available only on beige fabric
– Available from $ 440

Shermag Deluxe Nursery Glider Ottoman

Shermag Deluxe Nursery Glider & OttomanThe Shermag is another robust nursery chair that can fit quite well your nursery needs from very young babies to toddlers. The model has the pocket coil design providing good and ergonomic padding on headrest, lumbar and armrests. You can also choose a specific position to stop and keep the chair static, for moments your legs might be tired of supporting the rocking of the glider or simply because you would like to leave the chair. You can do this with safety. This chair also includes the ottoman and is available on two different colors.


– Made on sturdy hardwood frame
– Upholstery made on gingham fabric
– Glider has 6 different position locks
– Includes ottoman with its own glider
– Extra thick padding on the cushions


– Ideal to have a safe and flexible nursery session. Whenever you need to leave the chair, just lock it and get up. You can also choose a specific position to keep the chair standing still.
– For a rocking lull, you can raise your legs and rest it over the ottoman that will glide with the chair naturally
– Available on blue or pink
– Available from $ 430

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Babyletto Madison Swivel GliderThe babyletto is another modern alike option, even though it is much more compact and less efficient for some heavy duty nursing business. Nonetheless, the chair is highly rated and praised for its comfortable ergonomic design. The seat is for sure one of the most well padded and the chair also has a swivel system. While all these technologies are great for your comfort, this babyletto surely hooks the attentions by its style. It is a beautiful piece and you can find it on three different color variations.


– Stylish compact design with upholstery made on 100% suede fabric
– Frame of the glider made on sturdy stainless steel
– Includes a swivel system
– Weight capacity up to 300lbs


– Quite modern, sleek design that will feet many stylish ambients
– The chair is perfect for nursery, you can lock the glide, spin with the swivel system and leave the chair safety with the baby on your arms.
– The microsuede used in the upholstery is water proof, so accidents with the baby will likely be much less disastrous when it comes to cleaning up the seat.
– Is available on three different colors
– Available from $ 300

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and OttomanFeatures:

– Glider nursery chair made on plush microfiber
– Extra padded cushion system
– Frame made on hardwood
– Glide frame has metal supportive pieces for more resilience and durability
– Includes an ottoman


– Quite comfortable nursery chair with pocket coil design. You can rest there for hours with your baby and your back will be assured comfortable.
– The ottoman also has a gliding system so you can still rock even with your legs up in perfect synch with the chair.
– Includes external pockets to store your stuff, from magazines to baby’s accessories. – Available on several different colors
– Available from $ 295

Graco Sterling Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Graco Sterling Glider and Nursing OttomanThe model designed by Graco has a style a bit more modern and sleek, so it can be a good option for ambient that are not that motherly or romantic since most of these chairs have sinuous, gentle traces. The Sterling has sober lines and even the upholstery is looks more modern. The standard model is the gray/white set, but you can still find it on other 2 color variations. The great addition of this set is the ottoman with an exclusive foldable stool. You can release it when you want to use it as a footrest to elevate your legs and fold in again when you just want to rock with the glider.


– Glider nursing chair made on plush fabric
– Frame on hardwood
– Includes ottoman with a stool for resting your feet
– Armrests completely upholstered


– This chair has the best ottoman piece included in the purchase, as it also works as a feet rest to elevate your legs, so you can even use them to help on holding the baby on your lap when your arms get tired
– The plush fabric is quite comfortable and smooth for the touch
– The chair is available with three different color sets
– Available from $ 200

Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman

Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and OttomanThis Naomi Naomi set has a neo-classic design and is a bit more luxurious about its look but offers the same kind of top quality for nursery. The upholstery has a discreet pocket coil design, and is made on a fiber fabric quite soft. Like most of our nursery chairs, this one also has an ottoman included with its own glider. The Naomi Deluxe is also available on several different colors, though the material are always the same, including the hardwood used in the frame.


– Glider nursery chair on neo-classic style
– Sturdy, luxurious upholstery finishing made on fiber fabric
– Frame made on hardwood
– Includes ottoman
– Includes external pockets


– Fine, luxury style that will fit the most elegant ambients
– Sinuous armrest completely upholstered and padded to provide even more comfort
– This chair also has a glider lock for safety.
– External pockets can be used to store all sorts of accessories.
– The ottoman also has a glide lock and will otherwise rock in synch with the chair
– Available on 5 different color sets
– Available from $ 200

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider with Ottoman

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider with OttomanThis second Naomi set and last of our list is quite similar to the Stork one but a bit more accessible depending on the retailer. The patent of the design is almost the same, only the materials differ and that makes this one more accessible. The upholstery is made on a suede plush fabric quite comfortable and soft for the touch. The padding of the cushions is made on 100% polyurethane foam and glider system is all made on wood. This Naomi set also includes an ottoman that also has its own glider. You will find this set in less color variations but is is nonetheless a good alternative. Includes the external pockets as well for general storage.


– Nursery chair made on suede plush fabric
– Frame made on hardwood with several different kinds of finish
– Includes external pockets
– Includes ottoman with its own glider


– The chair has a weight capacity up to 250 lb, so it won’t start to get cranky or loud after a while
– With the ottoman you can get a perfect position to rock the chair with your baby in your lap
– Upholstery made on pocket coil style
– Available on 4 different color sets
– Available from $ 160 to $200

Conclusion of Our Nursing Chair Reviews

While most of these nursery chairs are quite similar in design, from frame to upholstery style, they differ slightly on quality of padding, finishing and fabrics implemented. That makes the prices differ from one each other, as well as the availability. Our first model is actually toe to toe with the second one in the list (Dutailer vs. Shermag) but the first is imported, has finer materials and so does its prices escalate so much compared to others.
Nonetheless, you have plenty options, including style and colors, is all about how much you want to invest.

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