Best High Chair for 2015As your baby grows to become that lovely, though uncontrollable force of nature running inside your home, the meals are critical moments to keep them restrained to focus on feeding while they don’t get hurt and, preferentially, dirty. High chairs surely are considered by many parents like one of the most essential tools to take care of a baby/toddler/infant, especially because when they are stuck there quite safe you can take a break guilty free. There are several great high chairs in the market these days and today we are going to show you seven of the best ones you can buy.

PictureNameDiscount Link
Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, AranciaDiscount Link
BABYBJORN High Chair, WhiteDiscount Link
OXO Tot Sprout Wooden Chair,Taupe/WalnutDiscount Link
Joovy HiLo Highchair, OrangeDiscount Link
Fisher-Price Zen Collection High ChairDiscount Link
Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System, VanceDiscount Link
Boon Flair High ChairDiscount Link

While there are many popular chairs that are sold like bananas, our criteria of selection here follows some basic rules to guarantee that we are really showing you the best high chairs out there:

  1. All high chairs of our list are products that are highly rated but also highly priced. This match guarantees that money here really equals quality
  2. All the products are highly commercialized. Even if they don’t sell 10 millions like a quite cheap and crappy model, we still select products that are popular on sales nonetheless.
  3. All them are available for online shopping. They most likely are also available on physical stores, but our priority is surely provide accessibility and convenience for you. Whatever the case, you can be sure that no great best high chair will be sold exclusively on physical stores. It is here for sure.

And before we check our list, bear in mind the following tips to purchase one of the best high chairs:

  • They Are Versatile: No great high chair will be great if it is a limited stuck piece of plastic. The best high chairs are quite adaptable, the more you can mold it to be higher, reclined, compatible and detachable, the best overall. There are models that can even be used to support two kids as the same time, so don’t stick with simplicity, you don’t have to.
  • They Are Convenient: Kids do all sorts of nightmares on high chairs. They have to be bullet proof against struggle when it comes to cleaning up. Protective covers, impermeable seat fabrics, easily detachable seat pads, and all sort of accessibility are very welcome. The easier you can clean the mess, the more formidable the chair is.

Don’t forget about these and constantly play a match on these variable in your head. They must always be there and the better they couple, the best it is the product.

Best High Chair : Our 7 Top Choices

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, Arancia

Peg Perego Siesta High chairThe Siesta highchair is one of the most versatile chairs out there, it doesn’t cost too much and highly rated and positively rated by mums and dads in the whole world. This chair has all the best you can get from a modern and convenient high chair: safety measures for locking the chair, adherent caster wheels, several different settings to adjust height and reclining of the chair so you can enjoy the piece for a long while as your baby grow, which is probably one of the biggest pros of this chair and what makes it so successful. The seat is quite comfortable and made on a conventional mix fabric of polyester and cotton.


– Made on polyester 70% and cotton 30%
– Includes reclining system on five different seat positions
– Tilt system offers 8 different heights
– Caster wheels are mar-resistant


– This high chair has a great deal of different settings for height and reclining. The chair reclines in full and the height adjustments have 8 different lengths.
– Is foldable, so you can easily store it away and save space.
– Available on several different colors
– Available from $ 300

BABYBJORN High Chair, White

BabyBjörn High ChairThe high chair developed by BabyBjörn implements European high technology and is one of the safest high chairs out there, if not the most. The Swedish brand developed a compact chair that is also quite functional and ergonomic. The meal tray here works also a safety measure, you can adjust it to fit the baby as fit as possible with a locking system that won’t let go the tray from the rest of the chair. Important to mention that the chair is all made on BPA-free PVC, so it is much lighter than usual highchairs and much more easy for you to transport.


– High chair made with ergonomic design
– Backrest designed with sinuous shape
– Table with several fitting adjustments
– Includes lock and folding systems
– Made on PVC, BPA-Free


– The chair focus on safety and comfort for the baby all at the same time, so the table works as a restraining tool as well as a smooth surface for the meals
– The materials are quite friendly for cleaning up and you can easily fold and store the chair or carry for transportation.
– The meal tray is detachable, you can wash it in the dishwasher.
– Available from $290

OXO Tot Sprout Wooden Chair,Taupe/Walnut

OXO Tot Sprout Wooden ChairThis OXO chair is the most green and chemical safe of our list. Many parents worry about toxins from plastics due to the fact babies are often surrounded by a lot of plastic objects, so this chair is as plastic free as possible. The seat is made on BPA-free PVC and has quite comfortable cushion seats made on cotton. They are easy to be removed, washed and adjusted, as any thing in the chair. The height, depth and reclining have 5 different possible settings and you can even turn it into a kids chair on the lowest height level. Another quite versatile highchair to follow your baby’s growth.


– Highchair with frame made on hardwood and seat on BPA-free PVC
– Available on several different sprouts
– Includes 5 different levels of height and depth adjustments
– 5-point harness provide more stability and security
– Restraining tray


– The chair is adjustable to several heights and can be turned into a kid chair on the lowest height upon removing the straps
– The meal tray is designed with some depth to contain liquids spilling, avoiding a bigger mess. The tray can contain up to 7 ounces of liquid.
– Available on several different colors
– Available from $250

Joovy HiLo Highchair, Orange

Joovy HiLo High chairThe HiLo is another high-tech, stylish and top quality design that matches a green approach with the best technology can offer. The frame of the chair is also made on wood and the seat also on BPA-free PVC. This chair has obviously a different design that might please many people much more than the OXO chair. Since both are made on wood and are heavier than others, you have at least more than one option to get “stuck” with in your kitchen/dining room (not that these chairs are really heavy, but they are surely more difficult to transport and carry with you on vacations). As beautiful and stylish as it is, perfect to remain in your house. The seat is easy to clean, the caster wheels are made on nylon to provide a damage-free performance and you can remove the tray to wash in the dishwasher.


– Stylish wood highchair convertible from toddler to infant
– Seat made on PVC free of toxins
– Caster wheels made on nylon
– Detachable tray


– The chair is easily converted to any kid’s size between 6 to 4 years. If you detach the tray and adjust the height, you get a kid chair for your older infant.
– Easy to clean up, including the cushion system that can be washed on a machine
– The nylon casters won’t damage the floor of your house and are likewise silent
– Available from $ 250

Boon Flair High Chair

Boon Flair High ChairThis brand is quite famous among veteran parents because Boon Flair does some quite accurate furniture for babies and toddlers. Despite the price that is more accessible than our previous models, this high chair is one of the best things you can get from your baby, surely the most high-tech and dynamic. To get started, the tilt system is pneumatic, so all you have to do it so press the adjustment button in the base of the chair and pull or release the seat to the correct adjustment, and voilá! This chair has a 5 points safety belt that is ideal for you to use the chair without the tray.This chair is highly adaptable and adjustable, also available on several different colors.


– High chair with pneumatic height adjustment
– Includes 5 point safety belt system
– Detachable meal tray
– Detachable seat that can be cleaned up easily
– Urethane casters wheels


– Extremely easy adjustment of this chair makes it one of the best things you can get from a high chair (even though the cons are, this is the heaviest one and is not really an option to transport on travels)
– You can use it either with the tray included or just detach it, fasten the belt on the kid and use the chair in regular tables adjusting the height easily. The kid will still protected and able to share the meals with you on the table
– Available on several different colors
– Available from $ 200

Fisher-Price Zen Collection High Chair

Fisher-Price Zen Collection High ChairFisher and Price is a renowned brand manufacturing all sort of things for kids, so is no surprise they also have a great option on high chairs. The Zen Collection lists several different themed designs but they all follow the same patent, changing only colors and drawings in the seat cushions. This chair is quite well developed, while it has a robust cushion system, there is an extra padding cover to protect it against the happy mess of the baby while eating. The cover is easily detachable and can be easily washed. This chair is also developed for kids from 1 to 4 years, includes a little step stair to help the older ones get in and out and has a lock system in the nylon caster wheels.


– High chair with cushion and protective padding cover
– Includes reclining function with 3 different settings
– Folding system
– Seat is made on wood


– A great traditional high chair with its own plus: made on beautiful and ecologic wood, quite comfortable seats and adjustable reclining seat.
– The tray here is also detachable and the padding cover is great to avoid you to clean up all the seat cushion.
– Is available on several different themes with earthy alike colors, so you can pick up one that fits better the decor of the ambient.
– Available from $ 195

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 High Chair

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 High ChairClosing our list we have the Graco high chair which is for sure the most accessible item of our list and also the most traditional kind of high chair, which doesn’t make it a bad product, just more plain and simple, but it still has all a good high chair needs. Several different options of adjustments for height and reclining and a quite versatile adaptability that allows you to dismantle this chair in two and have both kids sitting at the table for the dinner with only one high chair. The Graco design is also easy to store, adaptable for travel and light.


– 4-in-1 design, adaptable to be used as many different seats
– Reclining function with 3 different levels
– 6 different height positions
– Tray removable and dishwasher-safe


– The chair can work as four different seats, including as a booster for chairs on regular tables
– It will adapt to your kid as it grows just like the other chairs
– You can easily remove the tray and wash it on the dishwasher
– Very comfortable cushion system
– Available from $153

Summing Up Best High Chairs

Perhaps you may even want to buy more than one of these high chairs for your kid (or kids). While one of the biggest dilemmas is always the storage and transportation ability, you have just seen that some models are so amazing that they couldn’t work the same if they were that easy to store and carry away. Veteran parents know anyway that more than one of these is always good, so think wisely upon purchasing.