When one or other tire of your vehicle end up screwed in the road, you better have a good right hand on your trunk and we give you a good right hand when it comes for you to choose the best floor jack for you. Besides the many different types of floor jacks, we bring you the best floor jack and we will also present the best rated jacks and machines in the market to give you many tips and a comparison chart for you to check matters and how to choose your ideal floor jack.

Picture NameDiscount Link
Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage JackDiscount Link
Powerbuilt 4000 Lb Triple Lift Floor JackDiscount Link
Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack - 2 Ton CapacityDiscount Link
Craftsman 9-50523 Floor JackDiscount Link
Torin T42002A 2 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)Discount Link

The Best Floor Jacks : Our Review in search of the Best Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 4000 Lb Triple Lift Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 4,000 Lb Triple Lift Floor Jack

  • Works as a Triple lift floor jack
  • Lifts cars, trucks, ATVs and motorcycles
  • Eliminates the need for jack stands
  • Dimensions of 8.63” H x 26.5” W x 16.38” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 86.24 lbs
  • Lift range: 5.5” to 17.25”
  • Meets or exceeds the ANSI standards
  • Includes tie down anchor points to secure motorcycles
  • Product Type: Car Jack

Rated as a 5 stars product, available for around $163.

Torin Jacks 1.5T Aluminum Jack Single Pump

Torin T815005L 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack

  • Lightweight 3000 lbs. aluminum car jack
  • The Torin Jacks 1.5T Aluminum Jack Single Pump has a built-in safety overload system
  • The heavy-duty car jack has rear swivel castors
  • Includes a rubber padded saddle
  • Heavy-duty construction for great strength and lasting durability
  • It is lightweight, making it simple to carry to your home, shop or car
  • It is built-in system to indicate overloading for enhanced safety
  • Its rear swivel casters allow it to be effortlessly maneuvered to the required site
  • It has a wide range of uses and is built strong enough to withstand all of the elements
  • The jack is simple to set up and operate, even for novice users

Rated 5 stars, available for around $110.

Craftsman 9-50523 Floor Jack

Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack, Jack Stands and Creeper Set

  • Includes one Jack, 1 pc Handle, Owners Manual, Hard Plastic Case
  • Made of steel
  • Standard : PALD 2009-ANSI
  • Caster : 2 pc Stationary 2 pc Swivel
  • Lifting Capacity : 2-1/4 tons
  • Welded/Mechanically Fastened
  • Versatile plastic case for transportation at ease

5 stars floor jack, $53.

Torin T42002A 2 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

Torin T42002A 2 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

  • Solid steel handle
  • Self locking ratchet
  • Large area feet to resist sinking into asphalt
  • Ductile iron rack
  • Large saddle and unitized frame construction
  • Torin 2 Ton Double features a ratchet type hold for fine adjustment with double locking protection
  • The one piece multi position ductile ratchet bar provides super strength and durability
  • The quick adjustment mechanism securely locks it into the desired location
  • The stands are made of sturdy welded steel construction for superior safety and strength

Rated 4 and a half stars. You can find it for only $30.

XXR Tools 2 Ton Car Van 4×4 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Floor Jack Lift

XXR Tools 2 Ton Car Van 4x4 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Floor Jack Lift

  • Maximum capacity: 2 ton
  • Conforms to TUV.GS.CE & ANSI / ASME safety standards
  • Broad swivel saddle with safety
  • Universal design release mechanism provides safe, controllable lowering of the vehicle
  • High quality strong, sturdy 2 ton vehicle jack
  • Portable design for easy transport and storage
  • Simple strong and functional design
  • Robust and stable hydraulic lift mechanism

4 and a half stars, for around $27.

Purchaser FAQ

Lets take a look on some of the most frequent doubts people who are purchasing a floor jack might face when looking for the ideal product.

What is the ideal lift potency for a car?

While the average weight of cars is around 4000 pounds, you always have to check with the manufacturer of your vehicle the official data on this measure. Most of the floor jacks in the market are around 2 to 4k pounds. Less than that the floor jack is ideal for motorcycles or quite compact, light cars that weight around the same measure. Using floor jacks of lighter potency may result in accidents and serious damage to the product – and your money wasted.

What is the difference of floor jacks, jack stands and other current types of lifter?

Floor jacks are basically the most popular type of car lifter, on the other hand, many other variations are like different version of the same technology. While the traditional floor jack works with only one mechanism to lift the car, that are lifters that are used with different pump systems and designs – like the jack stands.
The difference of results between these mechanisms will vary from vehicle to vehicle. The heavier it is, the best is the use something more robust to avoid accidents and get your vehicle lifted faster.

Tons Units Material
Powerbuilt 4000 Lb Triple Lift Floor Jack 4 1 Steel
Torin Jacks 1.5T 1,5 1 Aluminum
Craftsman 9-50523 1,4 to 2 1 Steel
Torin T42002A 2 2 Steel and Ductile Iron
XXR Tools 2 Ton Car 2 1 Steel