Nothing better than being able to do your work sitting in a healthy and comfortable position, something that is getting much more usual and affordable these days due to the improved quality time of work when people are not fighting against their bodies. Find out which are the Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs. It is extremely important for people who work for several hours to do this in a correct position for the back, what will not only prevent you from treating diseases later in your life but it will also improve your concentration performing tasks on your job as you sit in the best ergonomic office chair.

We selected five from the most purchased and popular ergonomic chairs available in the market. All the products we selected are rated at least 4 and a half stars in the evaluation of the buyers, considering several different web stores, from Amazon to eBay and Walmart, among many others. We also follow a quality selection when it comes to refinement of these products. You will find many “sold as” ergonomic chairs that are quite affordable and well rated, but surely the buyers were not looking for a long lasting quality product but a cheap one for their needs, so don’t be easily fooled by that kind of offer. The chairs listed here costs at least $300 and can be available for up to $1600, because the best simply costs what the best would naturally do. Let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs : Our reviews

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a brand of authorial chair design and the Aeron model is one of the best ergonomic office chairs developed by the brand so far and among the best available in the market. It has a posture fit support that will bend you to keep in the right position for your back. Herman Miller makes use of high tech mesh fabrics, so their designs are unique, extremely ergonomic providing comfort and healthy support for your body when sitting, nonetheless what makes the brand so famous in the last 10 years.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable - PostureFit Lumbar Back Support Cushion - Adjustable Arms - Tilt Limiter - Graphite Frame/Carbon Classic Pellicle - Size B (Medium')

  • Available in various sizes (Aeron A, B, C and others)
  • Posture Fit Back Support, arms that are padded and adjustable
  • Two direction tilts: forward driver and horizontal limiter
  • Model of reference: AE213AWCPJG1BBBK3D01
  • 12-Year Factory Warranty Policy for the chair and replacement of any parts of the chair
  • Wheels, cylinders and tilts and replaceable
  • The high tech mesh is patented, of unique technology
  • Can be purchased on promotional sale, from $940 to $1000

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

This Steelcase model is another great patented design and a better call for people who appreciate padded furniture just because it feels safer. Following traditions, the Leap model has a special foam padded technology working with a glide patented system that naturally adjust the whole chair to your body. The back of the seat has an adjustable lumbar shape, it follows your body and helps your spine find the right position.

Steelcase Leap Chair -

  • More than 5 different models, with different colors and textures
    Patented Livelumbar technology, it will follow your body flexing with your movements Liveback system: the shape of the back of the seat mimics the natural spine shape
    Natural glide system: as you recline, the seat glides forward, enabling more varied postures, being more adaptable to all kinds of users
  • Leap is a green model, up to 98% recyclable depending on the model of the chair and 30% of the material used in the crafting of the chair is already recycled
  • Also offers a 12-years warranty policy
  • Available on promotional sale for up to $900; Original price around $1600

Dourest Leaders Executive Office Chair Fabric

The design of this chair might seem unusual for many people and perhaps not comfortable, but don’t let yourself be fooled by the eyes. The Leaders developed by Dourest is also a 100% ergonomic chair and has a quite sophisticated cushion system for the back. The lumbar is developed to adjust your spine with no pressure against it, so the chair will rather embrace your back rather than force you to press your back against a surface and try to find a comfortable position. The chair nonetheless includes adjustable head rests, arm rests and pneumatic system for adjustment of height.

Duorest Leaders Executive Office Chair

  • Dual backrests system to fit the back perfectly, adapting for most body sizes
  • Adjustable ergonomic headrest, armrest, pneumatic seat with tilt for height adjustment
  • Includes a tilt lock and tilt for width adjustments, the armrests are removable
  • The base has 6 legs, a triple Y system, granting better stability for reclining
  • It is adequate to the standards of Cal 117 Compliant & Meets and exceeds all U.S. home office furniture industry standards (ANSI/BIFMA)
  • 1-year warranty policy
  • Available from $350 to $700

DX Racer Office Chair MN98/NR

DX Racer is brand specialized on furniture for high-end gamers, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a pro gamer to make use of the advantages of this chair. Design to support the use for several hours in a row, this series of office chairs developed by the brand is what you will want to find if you are looking for absolute comfort during a whole day of work. The chair has extra cushions for head and arm rests padding, is completely adjustable and has breathable fabrics to avoid moist retention.

DX Racer RJ0/NR/ZERO Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair PVC Ergonomic Computer Chair eSports Desk Chair Executive Chair

  • The chair has a quite versatile adjustable system, the height and angle can be adjusted to any degree
  • Available on several different colors
  • Armrests are fully adjustable too with the extra cushion cover
  • Star base crafted with heavy duty aluminum able to support tons of weight, made with the latest footrests designs
  • Includes extra cushion for headrest and lumbar rest
  • Hydraulic system imported from Germany
  • All parts have been evaluated under 72 quality tests, passing the SGS standards and exceeding the International ones
  • The frame – back of the seat – has a lifetime warranty, the complementary parts are covered for 24 months
  • Available for $500

HON Lota Work Chair

This chair developed by HON is a little bit more affordable than the other chairs of our list, but is still a refined designed of high tech synthetic mesh. This fabric will work as the padding of your chair and mechanism of adjustment, compatible to a lot of different users and bodies. The HON Lota also has a plus in comparison with other models: it performs automatic adjustments according to your weight, even though you can adjust it manually.

HON - Lota Series Mesh Mid-Back Work Chair, Black Fabric, Black Base

  • Automatic adjustment by weight
  • Arms adjustable for several different heights, depth and pivot preferences
  • Tilt lock to keep a preferable height, especially useful for only one user preferences
  • Is versatile for many kinds of users
  • Completely covered on a lifetime warranty policy for people weighting up to 300 lb (the limit of the chair)
  • Available from $300 to $600

Space Seating Breathable Mesh

A mix of more traditional cushion systems and high tech mesh fabrics is what the Space chair offers. The brand has some other famous chairs available but this design so far is the one rocking the most in the online market. A mix of more accessible prices and high-quality materials is what makes this chair a great option. It includes tilts for adjustment, armrests that are also adjustable and a breathable auto-adjusted back mesh.

SPACE Seating Breathable Mesh Black Back and Padded Mesh Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control, Adjustable Arms and Lumbar Support with Gunmetal Finish Base Managers Chair

  • Lumbar support adjustable made of a breathable mesh fabric
  • Seat is also crafted with breathable materials for padding and cover
  • Tilt for height adjustment
  • Includes a tilt system of 2 to 1 that synchronizes the angle of reclining of the back with height
  • The chair is certified as a green guard indoor air quality product
  • 1-year warranty policy
  • Available from $300 to $600

Whalen Furniture Breckenridge

This is the only leather padded chair of our list but is nonetheless one of the best ergonomic office chairs out there. Whalen knows how to craft great leather executive chairs implementing the best this kind of design can offer in terms of comfort and ergonomics. To complement the traditional concept, the body of the chair is made of bentwood. The adjustments here for your back and head are all made based on the sophistication of the padding of the chair, made of a resistant bonded leather.

 Whalen Furniture WC-594 Breckenridge Wood and Leather Executive Adjustable Lumbar Chair

  • Made of high quality bonded black leather
  • Arms and footrest are made of bentwood
  • Includes tilt to control the pneumatic height adjustment
  • Model of reference: WC-594
  • Traditional, stylish design with the best of the leather cushion furniture
  • 2-years warranty policy
  • Available from $300 to $400

Buying Tips

Before you set your purchase, is never too late to check some advices:

  • Additional Rests: Be aware that not all chairs include head rest and adjustable arm rests, even though many of them are crafted following quite specific directions and work as great with stationary designs because they are crafted for a specific range of the user’s height. If you want the freedom to adjust your chair – especially if you are going to share with other people in your home – pay attention to these items, including the tilt that elevates the chair.
  • Returnable/Exchangeable Products: When it comes to chairs is always good to guarantee you can really stick with the best option. If you are going to purchase online, be sure the reseller of the chair offers an exchange or return guarantee as you might need it in case the chair wasn’t really that fit for your. This kind of exchange doesn’t include the regular exchange in case of malfunctioning or damage.
  • Replaceable Wheels: Another great thing to check before you purchase your chair is whether it is possible or not to replace the wheels. Even the best ergonomic chairs will most of the times to show problems exactly on the wheels system after many years of use. This is no reason to buy a new chair. The wheels will naturally waste so it is really good when you can easily detach and replace them.

Tips to Find the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

What’s the best kind of assembly to look for?

You’ll see chairs of all kinds, from versatile, simple designs to soft leather seats, but it doesn’t matter how big or slim is the chair, always look for designs with simple assembly or none assembly. When a chair takes too much to mount, it is likely that it will go malfunctioning easier that chairs that are practically ready wrapped in the box and you just have to unwrap and sit. You will not either want to deal with a lot of different parts to assemble.

Are the synthetic fabrics really a good option?

You can be sure, yes, they are. Many people wonder if slim chairs with high tech fabrics can ever be as comfortable as a leather padded chair, and they do, sometimes providing much better results for your postural health. These fabrics are auto adjustable and not rigid, they adapt to the body and are highly resilient.

Does ergonomic chairs have limitations when it comes to weight?

Obviously all sitting furniture are crafted under certain limitations, so surely even the best ergonomic chairs will not bear a sitting elephant. Check the weight limitations of the chair you are interested in even though most of them work for a body mass index inferior or equal to 30.


Note that the traditional leather chairs are often design-oriented for the male public, though women with height over the average standards can benefit from this kind of chair and that’s why most of the best ergonomic office chair are in fact not made of the material because the piece ends up being exclusionary. Is always good if you can try this kind of furniture for yourself especially when it is to be YOUR chair and no one else’s, so don’t waste the opportunity to try them for real if you can find them for good prices on physical stores.