Buying Best Element TV – Our Top 3 Reviews

These days, when everybody is constantly facing the screens of a smartphone, tablets or portable computer, to have a television set is not something that is high on the priorities’ list when it comes to shopping electronics. Today we will take a look on TV sets assembled by the American Element brand, which brings to the market an offer of televisions as fit and cheap as possible to basic needs when watching TV. Despite also being the only American brand to refurbish television sets, the company provides brand new models, always following a purpose to make very basic modern television sets with the usual quality of HD screens but not demanding great, refined technology to set a super machine full of extra functions. We will check how much basic or not are 3 of the best rated models of the brand and weight down also comparisons with other American competitor often compared to Element, the Vizio brand of televisions. Also, we will emphasize why these television sets are so cheap and what you can expect from the acquisition of one of them.

What Element TV Brings to You

The Element brand of televisions is set in Detroit since 2012 and, though they started their business focused on producing flat TV screens, today they also craft a wider ranger of screen oriented products. The company has inherited a RCA’s technology patent of production as they still manufacture TV sets with inputs/outputs for that kind of audiovisual technology but surely their offer is not about that solely. Their modern sets of television are functionally and responsive as any other TV set: it works with HDMI outputs, has Full HD options and other current technological compatibilities.

However, Element TV sets are budget sets, so they are made targeting a kind of customer who doesn’t want from their TV something mind blowing/multi-functional. This kind of economical assembling provides their sets with quite cheap prices. You are buying what you are paying for. Also, they produce special models refurbished for those who want even more basic television sets, something that bring a little bit of bad fame for the brand, specially because they have an American competitor which is clever to advertise and produce their own cheap sets as a response to Element: the Vizio sets.

Vizio do not refurbish anything and they often approach standards a little bit more sophisticated and neat when it comes to design. Their sets seem elegant and refined, and in fact might have one and other extra functionalities more sophisticated, but they are also a budget sets company and in theory, both companies provide the same kind of basic TV. In this competition, Vizio is often winning because image overcomes production, even when there are few differences of technology between one each other, their fine designs are an important differential.

We will first take a look at 3 of the best rated models produced by Element and later we will compare them with their Vizio counterparts to see how much far from one each other and what compensates more for your pocket and interests.

Element ELEFS321 – The LED Full HD Model

Element ELEFS321 – Best Element TV for 2016

All models listed here are rated and reviewed on, which is a good a place to start researching models of TV sets made by Element, as well as to take into account what people are thinking about their experience with these TV sets. This ELEFS321 model is the big boy of the brand, it costs $ 222 dollars and offers the most of their basic TV standards.

It is a flat 1080p screen, 32” wide and, different from the other two models we are going to see, it is their LED based model. When it comes to image, is important to say, Element has always an unanimous rate. Their commitment with high quality image is what matters here and they really give you a full HD TV for only 222 dollars. We always must consider the fact the technology used to provide the full HD experience is universal. What changes from company to company is the challenge to keep the contrast aspect as wider gets the size of the screen. The 32” model made by Element is the basic for those who want this kind of high quality without salty prices as the width of the screen is as fine as possible to appreciate this kind of high quality definition.

Alongside the full HD comes 2 different HDMI inputs, so you can use your powerful screen in the same way as expensive and robust models to connect other devices, from XBOX, PlayStation to computers, DVD/BlueRay players and much more. An VGA input is also available to connect computer’s monitors, though it might be obsolete if you have a notebook, for example, as most of the models in the market work with HDMI so you will have a better experience decoding the image in the television through this connection.

The audio is really not disappointing either. It has a Dolby Digital Stereo system output and works with Coaxial Digital Audio output. Plus, you can connect your headphones.

This set has a 3 stars out of 5 rate at and, ironically, most complains are related to the RCA input/outputs system. Something obsolete seems to do not work well on the television then, not a good purchase if you are planning on using it for devices who work only with those old fashioned connections. If you are still looking for a modern, digital television, it really seems fit and fine.

Element RB-ELDFW407 R 40-inch – The Big LCD One

Element RB-ELDFW407 R 40-inch – Best Element TV for 2016

This is the second best rated set at Amazon and, despite being an LCD model, it must be considered due to its 4 stars rate and the fact traditional LCD’s still have some advantages. Also, it is a 40” 1080p screen!

What differentiate more this model from the ELEFS321 is the energy consumption, because traditional LCD’s are just more power consuming models than the LED ones. Also, we must emphasize the fact any LED TV is also a LCD one, though, the source of light comes from LED lamps, so it will cost less to your pockets in the end of the month. But traditional LCD screens still have a better contrast aspect than LED ones, though it is arguable, specialists who consider the realistic aspect of the image still prefer traditional LCD. The contrast ratio of this model is of 4000:1.

Other extra feature is an additional HDMI output. This LCD 40” has 3 HDMI ports. Even if one extra HDMI port looks better on a set that is more power saving – the LED one – it enhances the connections with other devices permanently, so you don’t have to plug and unplug things to get the best of your TV.

It also has a Dolby Digital System but no Coaxial outputs, so you’ll have to use adapters. Also, the speakers seem to be quite average. Most buyers complained about the performance of the speakers, but you can easily overcome it plugging the television on your stereo system. What is important here is not the output speakers of the television, but the technology of sound (Dolby System) which is the standard high quality and all you need to enhance your audio experience with a good set of external speakers.

Element ELCFW329 32-inch 720p

Element ELCFW329 32-inch 720p

For those who are interested in doing a really cheap acquisition, this 720p model is only $ 166 dollars at Amazon and is mostly like the other two sets, but with lower high quality definition. Since it is a 32” screen, the 720p resolution might be good enough for those who are not looking for something incredible when it comes to HD. 720p sets are not full HD but they have quite good, neat definitions. One of the main reasons why this set is suggested to you is because it can also be turned into a computer monitor!

Since it is short, lite and offers a HD experience, to use it as a monitor is a good way to boost desktop computers. The VGA output allows you to connect the television to your CPU.

If you are only interested in running it as television, all the best. It also has HDMI outputs and a 178º wide angles, both horizontal and vertical, so you can watch TV from many different spots in the room. That’s because the TV set is LCD based with conventional light source, so the reflections and much less obstructive than normal within this range of view.

The audio quality however suffer from the same kind of low performance as the 40” LCD model. Still, it also is Dolby Digital mounted so you can plug it to stereo systems.

Vizio Counterparts

As mentioned before, Vizio often provides neat designed models, but for these best rated Element models, it actually can’t compete at all that much! For our 32” 1080p model, the only option available is the Vizio E320-B2, which is $ 218 dollars though, is not full HD, only 720p. So, it really is not a good match and purchase to spend almost the same money in something that offers less HD quality. However, it would be a better purchase than the Element 720p one because the Vizio model is LED LCD, so it will be more economic for power consume.

Is important to note that Vizio do not have traditional LCD models, so all of them are more saving energy than Element ones. On the other hand, the output price will be always higher. If you are not going to stay tuned to your TV that often the differences might not be that much relevant on your bills.

A good acquisition from Vizio in detriment to the RB-ELDFW407 R 40” Element one is the 40” 1080p E400i-B2 model. It is LED LCD, costs an extra 70 dollars compared to the the Element one and also has SmarTV functionality. With a SmarTV function you will be able to connect your television to the Internet. Unhappily this is one thing Element TVs do not offer, so if you want to watch your favorite shows on Netflix you would have to connect a computer to your Element TV through the HDMI connections. This Vizio model makes it more practical for those who are looking for this kind of Web-TV experience.

Getting What is Best for You

Model LED






Screen Size HDMI VGA RCA Head


Dolby Audio Coaxial


  √ 1080p 32” 2
RB-ELDFW407 R 1080p 40” 3
ELCFW329 720p 32” 3

With these 3 models analyzed, you could come with many different solutions depending on what you need. However, the ELEFS321 despite costing more is the most complete of the group, especially when you take into consideration a wider range of audio performance. Is the only one with HD headphones output and the coaxial output for digital audio.

The matter of the LCD and LED LCD debate also can be a little bit subjective according to the taste of each one when it comes to image quality. The best to do in these cases is to look for the models in stores to perform a test of image definition, or you can also appeal to videos around the web from customers who bought the models. Important to notice, when you are going to do this kind of test, you have to consider differences between the performance under the daylight and during the night. Traditional LCD’s can be much better during the daylight as they provide stronger brightness but could be aggressive during dark sessions on a default setting of the television brightness.

Know What You Are Buying

As mentioned in the beginning of our analysis, Element does produce refurbished television sets and that sort of taints the image of the company with a flow of unfair reviews about their products. Some tips really must be followed when you are going to buy either one of these models to do not commit the same kind of mistakes people often do around the web.

For example, refurbished models are simply not brand new models. So don’t take into account extremely negative reviews of people who bought one thing and are reviewing it in the wrong place. Element provides this choice for prices even lower and surely, as used products, they might show problems and failures. All new products made by Element are also covered by warranty and with under 20 dollars you can buy an extra coverage for over 3 years.

Is important also that you know all the things the models DO NOT have. They won’t connect to internet, they will not tune channels automatically and all other stuff models that cost over $ 900 dollars do. We are talking about $300 dollars TV sets, so what they promise you is great HD image, nothing more, nothing less.

Be sure you are buying the set in a good store and for precaution, with a warranty policy. All products are susceptible to failure, it doesn’t matter it is either a Sony flat screen or an Element one. This will ensure you the company will have the commitment to aid you when you need.

If you are looking also for great audio performance, you already know it will vary from one model to other when it comes to outputs. Be sure it worths the effort to buy a TV if you need something special since you might have to look for adapters and extra accessories to make it work.

Know Also What You Want

Once again, be aware of you what you are looking for on a TV set. Element products are budget models and they are made for people who are not looking for a big deal of a television. It is a great television for you to plug your video game consoles, your portable computer, watch movies with your DVD/BlueRay player and to watch regular TV channels.

Also, the brand produces other models with wider screens and more ambitious resolution, though they don’t have that great rating around the web, but you can surely give it a try knowing more about it if you think it worths the experience to research.

If you are a TVholic there are surely more robust and of course, expensive options in the market and you should invest on them instead of feeling disappointed with a limited model. Is important also to note Element TVs are hype among youngsters because they fit this profile of basic TV watchers. If your budget and your interest are that basic, an Element set is really a good acquisition lite to your pocket, to the walls and to your purposes.