Subwoofers are speakers that are designed for producing bas. These cover the lower-end range of the frequencies that cannot be reproduced by the smaller speakers. Component subwoofers add power level & sounds to the music that cannot be reproduced by other speakers. It is among the essentialities of a well rounded stereo. Amplifier is needed by all top-rated subwoofers.Addition of any of the best competition subwoofers to stereo makes you wonder upon the difference of quality of music you will be hearing. In the following paragraphs a brief introduction about top subwoofers of 2016 is given in order to assist your purchase of best sound system for stereo within your car.

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Best Competition Subwoofer For 2016 : Our Top Choices with Reviews

Jl Audio W6v3 Series Subwoofers (Caraudionow’s Best Car Subwoofer)

These are well reputable W6v3 JL Audio`s subwoofers that encompass multiple subwoofer generations. Each of these generation shows improvements over the previous one with respect to design, precision and most importantly power handling. These are made with mineral filled and durable polypropylene cone and deliver incredibly strong sound without any requirement for the addition of extra weight that can reduce response & accuracy of a woofer. Presented with rigid cast alloy-basket, their design eliminates the distortion and flex. You thus find smooth with a reliable, well engineered and incredibly crafted subwoofer that shows extraordinary performance.

12W3V3-4 - JL Audio 12" Singles 4-Ohm W3V3 Series Subwoofer (12W3V3)

These subwoofers have two available sizes:

Size: 10 inches
  • Model:10W6v3-D4 with a
  • Power handling: 600RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $399.95
Size: 12 inches
  • Model: 12W6v3-D4
  • Power handling: 600RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $429.99

Hertz HI ENERGY Series Subwoofers

These hi energy subwoofers are designed for reproducing lowest-octaves of audio spectrum that reveals power, precision and impact.These subwoofers have detailed innovative and groundbreaking technologies. Ultra efficient motor assembly with a V cone forced ventilation-system and low resonance basket. These woofers have dual coil-models for increasing flexibility of subwoofer system-design. This feature helps to easily manage different solution for connectivity and many subwoofers in specific designs for getting high end outcomes from the power delivery capacity of amplifier.These are controlled and lower frequency output giving subwoofers that meet enthusiastic expectations of the listeners. These are exceptionally well-built high performers.

Hertz HSK 165 6.5" 2-way Hi-Energy Component Speaker System HSK165

Available hertz hi energy subwoofers are:

Size : 10 inches
  • Model: HX-250D
  • Power handling: 450RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $499.99
Size : 12 inches
  • Model: HX-300D
  • Power handling: 6000RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $899.99
Size : 15 inches
  • Model: HX-380D
  • Power handling: 700RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $1099.99

Alpine Type-R Series Subwoofers

These subwoofers are constructed tough enough for handling extreme bass. These feature cones manufactured by Kevlar, treated pulp plus durable HAMR-Santoprene surround. These subwoofers can thump along with maintenance of high standards for reliability and durability.

Alpine SWR-12D4 Type-R 12" Subwoofer with Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils

You can select among the following high quality subwoofers of Alpine:

Size : 8 inches
  • Model: SWR-8D2
  • Power handling: 350RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $119.95
Size : 10 inches
  • Model: SWR-10D2
  • Power handling: 1000RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $199.38
Size : 12 inches
  • Model: SWR-12D2
  • Power handling: 1000RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $179.10
Size : 15 inches
  • Model: SWR-1522D2
  • Power handling: 750RMS
  • DVC: 2Ohm
  • Price: $239.95

Pioneer Champion Series Pro Subwoofers

These are based on innovative an engineering technique that shows their thirst for power and itchiness to thump. These are double stacked 110 ounce magnets that power the motor-structure with a rugged die cast aluminum-basket supporting the sub. These features provide enhanced magnetic efficiency and incredible thumping. Suspension system of these Pioneer Champion subwoofers features a dual cone structure that creates the mark difference by providing accurate and deep bass. These are available in two sizes with following features.

Pioneer TS-W3002D2 12 In. Champion Series PRO Subwoofer with 3500 Watts

Select one that fits your desire for bass:

Size : 10 inches
  • Model: TS-W2502D4
  • Power handling: 800RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
Size : 12 inches
  • Model: TS-W3003D4
  • Power handling: 600RMS
  • DVC: 4Ohm
  • Price: $96.00

Difference Between Standard Subwoofers And Competition Subwoofers

There is a clear distinction between standard subwoofers and those of competition subwoofers. Standard subwoofers fail to create the quality bass that is produced by the competition subwoofers. This is the major difference.Other differences include that of weight, RMS and power handling.Subwoofers boxes play important role with respect to competing sound system and produce most bass in case of competition subwoofers.Wire to gauge hooking of subwoofers is most important. It must be able to bear the power capacity of respective subwoofers. Another difference is that of price, you really need to spend more for super high powered subwoofer, subwoofer box & amplifier.

Top companies for competition subwoofers are:

  • JL Audio
  • Hertz
  • Alpine
  • Polk MM
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Pioneer Champion
  • Orion
  • Kicker
  • RE Audio
  • Sound Stream

From the above mentioned, best competition subwoofers in 2015, variety for favorite competition subwoofers of 2015 you can select any depending upon the cost, size, RWP, power handling or any other feature you are interested in. Make your music live and clear by having any of these subwoofers as your sound system.