Best Coffee Maker for 2015One of the things coffee aficionados take really seriously is enjoying a well brewed and smooth cup of coffee. For this reason many people swear by their own chosen way of making coffee. It is a divided opinion, but in technological world like ours, is technically all about the brewing machine.

In this article we will roll over the best coffee making machines in the market. Which is capable of brewing the best tasty and perfect cup of coffee.The total knowledge of consuming an “instant” cup of coffee is wildly regarded as a sacrilege, and insult to the glamorous coffee seed. For this group of people, they only way is a properly ground coffee, the carefully make their choice from the different blends that originated from all parts of the world.

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The puzzling question remains “how do you decide to make your coffee? Well technically the best way is through the use of a dedicated brewing mechanism.
So choosing the best machine to make your coffee could be a daunting task.
To some people is all about perfection, to others maybe budget. Whichever the case you might want to consider the following buying guides when purchasing your brewing machine.

Things to look for when buying Best Coffee Maker

• Features

When purchasing a coffee machine is really all about the features of the system, because the features is the capacity and ability of the device, so the features and specifications of the coffee machine is choose should be considered.

• Size of the system

The size of your kitchen or dorm should come into place when considering a coffee machine, because it determines the space you will be willing to allocate to the brewing apparatus. If you have a small kitchen you might want to consider purchasing a more compact system that will occupy less space.

• Filtration capacity

The filtration capacity of the brewing machine is essential when choosing a coffee system, because it can greatly distress the strength and taste of your coffee drink. Is advised to purchase a coffee device with a good water filtration mechanism.

• Price

As with any thing in the market price is a factor, what you want from a coffee machine should equal the price you are willing to pay for the product.
Now let’s look at some of the best coffee machines in the market.

Best Coffee Maker list with reviews for 2016

1. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black

Keurig k45 Elite Brewing SystemCoffee helps to boosts your body activities and give your day a kick start that’s why people love it. If you prefer your coffee to be hot and strong, then you will need an exceptional coffee apparatus.
The Keurig k45 elite coffee brewer is a gourmet home brewing system, which is one of the best coffee makers in the market right now. Just by the touch of a button the machine brews a perfect cup of coffee with an amazing precision and accuracy, in the fastest time possible.The machine offers an option of 3 cup sizes from 6oz, to 8oz and even amazingly 10oz for various quantities according to your personal preferences.
The drip tray of the system is fully adjustable, so that it can accommodate large mugs. And it also allows you to easily clean the system with-out hassle.
The tank capacity of the machine is about 48oz which is larger than most in its price range in the market. With the large tank, it means that you won’t have to refill it often. In fact you can make about 6 cups of beverages before you will need to refill the system.

It also has a self-cleaning function, so you don’t have to worry about the mess.The machine runs on a microprocessor controlled technology which makes the machine very quiet, when brewing and also help it to regulate water at a precise temperature which will allow perfect brewing.

The system possess a new needle which has a better extraction of flavor, unlike the other models. It auto switch off capable which will help you to conserve energy.
Another very good feature of the machine is that it come with a charcoal 12 count variety pack for water purification, which will purify the water used for your coffee.
The machine is a really great option for employees as everyone will get a chance to choose their own flavors and is very fastest taking only few seconds to heat up the brew, and serve your coffee.

Some few cons of the Keurig coffee system includes

  • The water tank maybe a little small compared to the single cup models from the same company.
  • The filter attached to the machine won’t work as a trace minerals eliminator, for this reason you will need to purchase their own purified water then filtration will not be required.

Finally, the Keurig system was made for simplicity and convenience, it always serves a freshly brewed cup each time you use the machine. So the task is very consistence.

2. Hamilton 2-way flex-brew

Hamilton 2-way flex-brewHonestly, for the price tag on this coffee system is a decent machine by any standards. Although its longevity is really questionable, because of its plastic finish, it doesn’t look so solidly build like the Tassimo and Nespresso models. When it comes to the main task of brewing coffee the system is ok.
You can purchase the machine on amazon for about $71, which is under $100 so some people might be a little skeptical about the apparatus.

Let’s take at some of its features;

  •   The machine has the tedious capacity to brew up to 12 cups of coffee, including with grounds coffee which is pretty decent considering the price.
  •   The filter of the system is reusable and it brews single served coffee drink.
  •   During the brewing process of the ground coffee, you can always adjust the 2 settings, it can brew the K-cup coffee.
  •   The tank size of the Hamilton beach brew is not detachable, it could be difficult in certain cases. But the tank is transparent so you can see how much water is in the machine.
  •   The system is very easy to use, you don’t need to warm up the device just switch on and you will start brewing.
  •   Brew speed of the machine is slow it takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to serve a K-cup coffee. But it’s not that bad.
  •   Quality of the coffee served is very good, especially for the k-cup coffee, moreover you can customize the strength of the coffee by selecting any of the two button (regular or bold).
  •   The machine is very loud considering it’s a pump-style maker, so there is always that gurgling sound.

Some cons includes;

One major con of the system is that due to the water reservoir is not big enough you can only add sufficient water for each single brew.
Also the system drips and is very messy you have to have a rag on your hands when using the single brew option.
Overall, considering the size of the device it’s quite decent and makes a really good k-cup coffee. Nevertheless, no one will want to pay over a $100 for a k-cup coffee maker.

3. Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee on Demand 12-cup Programmable Machine

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee on Demand 12-cup Programmable MachineThe Cuisinart is basically coffee without the carafe and it has every reason to be on our list for best coffee maker. It enables you have your coffee on demand. With an easy to use actuator, and it can hold up to 12 cups of coffee in its double wall coffee tank.
With a really simple to use coffee gauge which helps to calculate how many cups of coffee are remaining. The machine has an in built charcoal filter makes sure that your coffee is extracted with perfection and keeps it tasting great. The DCC-3000 is simply coffee made easy.
Also, it has a fully programmable technology which helps you to program the machine about 24hours brew start.
An auto shut down, self-cleaning mechanism and up to 4cups settings will brew smaller amounts with a perfect taste, but you will have to remove both the water tank and the coffee for easy cleaning.
At just $89 the DCC-3000 is an expensive coffee brewing mechanism.

Some of the features of the DCC-3000 includes;

  •   The water tank is fully removable which can be helpful for easy refilling.
  •   It has a removable plate which helps to hold the drip tray in place, also the drip tray is removable and has a great to catch any larger mug.
  •   The machine can keep up to 12 cups of coffee hot for hours, with its removable coffee reservoir.
  •   The charcoal water filter technology in the device will help to perfectly filter the water in the tank for the best tasting coffee possible.
  •   If your power fails or the unit mistakenly unplugged the machine has a one minute auto protection against sudden loss of power.
  •   The ready tone of the system will signal the end of the brew system will signal the end of the brew cycle with 5 peeps.
  •   An auto-off technology in the system helps you to perfectly program the machine to turn-off 0-4 hours after brewing coffee.

The magnificent stainless finish makes this machine a steal for under a $100, the Hamilton beach two-way is a perfect combination of design, exclusive add-on functionaries and is very easy to operate.

4. Hamilton Beach the Scoop Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach the Scoop Coffee MakerThe Hamilton beach is just a great coffee maker.It makes a good tasting drip coffee, it’s very simple to use and is very fast when brews one cup for each brew section, you just need to select the type of coffee you want and you will be served almost instantly.The fact that it brews one cup at a time means that I could easy customize the coffee that you are served. You can select between 8-14 ounces of coffee per cup with the regular or bold. Settings depending on your preferred taste.

In 2012 the gold housekeeping research institute awarded the machine the good housekeeping very innovative product (VIP) award.
Also, because of its ability to use ground coffee instead pack the (IDSA) the industrial designer’s society of America gave the scoop coffee maker a very high ranking.
The machine choose the strength, flavor and size of their end product.
The system can brew a cup of coffee in just about 90seconds, which gives it a stand-out for speed and the final coffee served is very smooth with a good texture.
The scoop coffee maker has a good stainless finish like with all the Hamilton products, and is relatively quiet when brewing, just a little gurgling noise as the coffee is been released in the cup in drip tray.

Features of the Hamilton scoop coffee maker includes;

  • Brewing time: unlike the HamiltonDCC-3000 the scoop coffee system brews 8oz cup in just about 90seconds making it one of the fastest in the market.
  • The machine gives you the choice of brewing 8 ounce or 14ounces per section of serving.
  • If your water taste of substances like sulfur and chlorine it may affect your coffee taste, so you are promptly advice to use a filtered or tap water for good tasting coffee as the scoop by Hamilton    system lacks a charcoal filter system.
  • The scoop by Hamilton advice is designed for optimal simplicity, precision and accuracy, it has an easy to use button in front of the machine which enables you to simple choose between  bold and regular in the LED screen also the machine will automatically shut-off after brewing has been completed.
  • It is very durable machine with a stainless steel feature which ensures the machines durability.
  • Finally, the machine can automatically shut-down when dormant to conserve energy.
    The Hamilton scoop coffee making machine is a powerful and durable coffee maker, if you are looking for simplicity, durability and a good tasting coffee the scoop by Hamilton coffee system is a good choice.

5. BUNN Velocity

BUNN VelocityThe BUNN velocity is a basic 10-cup coffee maker specifically designed for homes. Moreover, if you are looking for a coffee maker that you can basically program to make coffee for you, the BUNN velocity is not the machine for you.
The brand is a mini-model of the more premium BUNN brands and is non-automated. It stands out among coffee makers of its price range for an incredible simplicity.
The machine maybe considered as the best coffee makers by consumers because it disdains the molly coddling ways of automated coffee makers.
It possess stainless still water tank with internal thermostat which maintains its temperature in just about 3 minutes it will make 10 cups of coffee with its paper filter for maximum wetting and proper flavor extraction. It uses a spray-head design surprisingly the BUNN velocity is very rare and you might not find it in your normal store so you might have to go online to buy the product model.

Some of the Features of the BUNN velocity includes;

  •   The BUNN velocity can brew up to 4-10 cups in just 3minutes making it fast and efficient for its relative size.
  •   The warming plate has a glass carafe and porcelain-coated warming plate.
  •   It has light on or off switch enhance its simplicity
  •   A stainless steel internal hot water tank ensures that you won’t need to heat up the water in the machine too often.


There are many coffee machines in the market from many companies some are reputable like Nespresso why others reputable. Generally purchasing a coffee machine might not be easy, but to ensure that you get the best in the more reputable ones.
Sometimes they could be a lot more expensive but it represents a much less of a gamble, then purchasing a machine from a relatively unknown company.
You can follow our links below to get the best deals on Amazon including free shipping. Cheers!


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