Car is practically worthless without a good set of speakers for those who love a soundtrack backing a ride. Currently there are thousands of different options of speakers available but not all them offer the best you can have from music inside your car. Let’s take a look at top 5 of the best car speakers out there now and get some tips on how to buy your set, what these guys offer with their set and what will likely be the best option for your car. We bring you our top reviews for Best Car Speakers.

Best Speakers For Car Comparison Chart And Reviews

JBL GTO638 3-Way Speakers

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers

This 3-Way set of speakers developed by JBL is one of the hottest releases for cars and is among the best car speakers of 2014. Like most of the products in our list, it is a pair of 180 watts of peak power designed specially to work inside the acoustic of cars.


Tweeter of mylar-titanium, with adjustable supertweeter with level control, has the woofer cone Plus OneĀ® patented by the brand.


Sound quality of home theaters, rich sound with midrange frequencies thanks to the mylar titanium technology.


4 and a half stars from over 450 different rates. The original price of the pair is $150 but you can find in on promotional sale for up to $68

Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers

Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

Polk is another great OEM manufacturer with terrific car speakers. They have several different sizes on demand but their best release so far is their 6.5″ coaxial speakers with some great differential technologies.

  • Cone made of polymer/mica composite and butyl rubber surround
  • Dynamic Balance Driver technology, anti-distortion

The sound is distortion proof, the speakers are developed to endure quite extreme weather conditions on sea climate, is marine certified against the actions of ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures from -40 to 185 F and salt fog.


4 and a half stars, form over 540 different buyers. The original price is around $120 but you may find it on promotional sale for up to $60.

Pioneer TS-A1685R Car Speaker

Pioneer TS-A1685R 350 Watts 4-Way Car Speakers, 6 1/2 Inch - 6 3/4 Inch

The TS-A1685R is one of the ultimate designs of 3-way speakers developed by Pioneer, which is a favorite one by customers. This set of 2 speakers is a 175 watts of peak potency and is also developed to endure some extreme conditions. You can also count on it if you are looking for a midrange experience inside your car.

  • Multilayer of Mica Matrix in the cone
  • Elastic Polymer speaker surround, combined with soft dome tweeters to increase sensitivity

Midrange frequencies of high definition.


4 and a half stars from over 500 different buyers. It has been the Amazon’s #1 car equipment sale. Original price around #120 and $50 on promo sale.

Kicker DS693 6″x9″ 3-Way Speakers

Kicker DS693 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers

Kicker has many budget alike products, but this set of 3-way speakers are one of their fanciest products. Like most of our products in this list, it has great technology to smooth up the sound inside the acoustics of a car, not to mention it works with the new technologies and you can optionally connect it directly to portable devices of music.

  • High-tech cone with ribbed surround and heavy-duty voice coils
  • Optional port to connect to portable devices like iPhones and iPods

Works especially focused on mids and highs. Alternatively, you can buy the brand’s subwoofers to design the quality of bass you want for your car. Kicker is one of the only brands that understands the needs of each car and offers the option to mount your own set of speakers personalized.


Another 4 and a half stars, from over 190 different buyers. The original price is around $80 ($61 on promo sales).

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker

Rockford is another brand more affordable competing toe to toe with our fancy and expensive brands. This is the most accessible car speaker of our list though it is designed for the acoustics of vehicles more compact. Understanding this, Rockford knows a conventional 180W set of speakers won’t work great on small cars. This is their version of the Fostgate for more compact ambients in cars, with 80w max of peak potency.

  • Mica-injected polypropylene cone with foam surround
  • Dome of the tweeter made of 1/2-inch mylar. Has the exclusive Piezo super tweeter technology

The speakers are light, resistant and fit for small acoustics ambients, with high sensitivity and smooth extended frequency response, avoiding distorted, overwhelming basses.


4 and a half stars from over 140 different buyers. You can find it for $90 or $51 on promo sales.

What you Need to Know When Buying the Best Car Speakers

Is there a difference of potency between speakers of different sizes?

Many light speakers may be quite big sized while modern, compact speakers would double its potency. Our list by instance shows one pair of light speakers (Rockford’s 80W) which has the same size of the JBL 3-Way but less than half the wattage (180W).

How does the impedance matters for sound quality?

If you check our chart below, you will see we listed the impedance of our speakers. In other words it is how much energy the speakers will require to pull from your car to produce the fine sound they are intended to. The higher they are, the stronger the sound will be and the more energy it will require to pull from your car. In our case here, just a pair will not make big difference since they won’t go beyond 4 ohms, but when you are setting 6 to 8 different speakers then you have to consider these numbers. The higher the impedance the stronger the sound will be and more distorted likewise if the car is too compact.

Will any size fit on my car?

No, and the definitive answer for that is the manufactures of your car or someone who knows it very well will be able to answer. Car speakers require to attached on critical places like the doors of your car. You should not play with the original design of your car risking to make an incompatible installation if the speakers are too wide, for example, damaging the aesthetics of your car and possibly getting speakers malfunctioning. Check with a professional before you do your purchase whether the set of speakers you are interested on is fit for your car.

Made & Model Size Peak power Impedance
JBL GTO638 3-Way 6.5-Inch 180 Watts 2 ohm
Polk Audio DB65 1 6.5 -Inch 180 watts 4-ohm
Pioneer TS-A1685R 6.5 inch x 6.75 175 watts 4-ohm
Kicker DS693 6 inch x 9 inch 140 watts 4-ohm
Rockford Fosgate 6.5 inch 80 watts 4-ohm