The task to find the best car polish available in the market is not only about finding the most suitable product for your car or the one that does polish it better than others. There are many polishers in the market that are a multiple compound and will work for many different uses, while others will only do the polish part.

To compile the most useful list as possible, we are not excluding very classic products neither focusing only on super complex and complete formulas, but looking for the most renowned and top quality products to polish your car, whether are you looking for something very versatile or a simple polisher.

Lets Start With reviews of best car polishers:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound best polisher for new cars

Meguiar's G3300 Brilliant Solutions Paint Restoration Kit

When ever you do a simple research around the web on car polishers, you will easily find products developed by Meguiar. This Ultimate Compound of the brand (the G17216) is one of their best formulas so far developed and one of the kind that does it all with only one compound. The G17216 is developed especially to do a repair work, the formula is able to remove oxidation stains, swirl marks and slight scratches, and of course when we are talking about scratches it is not the kind you do when parking against a rock column. No polishers will fix damages against the bodywork of the car and later we will talk a bit more about it when it comes to purchasing what you consider the best solution.

The Ultimate Compound will work as a polisher and finisher and will be ideal for you to performer a paint cleaning. Bear in mind that as a compound, it works fast, doesn’t have abrasive grains to avoid leaving stains and scratches but that’s exactly the reason why it should be removed right after applied – you don’t need to wait to get it dry. The product has a special fiber towel included that must be used to remove the residual product.   This compound is rated 4 and a half stars around the web – including at the Amazon, from over 400 different buyers. You can’t go wrong here as it seems.

Nu Finish best car polisher for scratches

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

This is one of the polishers that have one the most dedicated formulas to polish for real. Nu Finish has also a different formulation, it doesn’t include at all any addition of wax and you can perform the application under the sunlight to get to see perfectly the results and what needs repair. Their formula is also very strong, even more than the Meguiar’s one, and that’s why they sell out the product as a “once in a year” polisher. On the other hand, the stronger the formula is, the lighter it works. There are no grains or any other particles that would rub the painting.

While the liquid version is the most popular, you can also find this product in a paste version. And this is not only a car product, it can also be used on motorcycles, boats made of fiber and even the bodywork of airplanes.

Different from the Ultimate Compound of the Meguiar, it wont act as a paint cleaner, so you can let it dry and then use a fiber towel to retouch and remove excesses. Likewise, this is all you need for your car, it will give it a gloss like shine and you won’t need wax nor anything else after the application. Also 4 and a half stars product.

Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze

Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze

Mothers is a brand with more vintage, classic application products, not surprisingly this polisher has wax in its formula and works as and old fashioned application you will not need to finish or retouch. This polish is really great for cars that are practically brand new. Are you looking for something to keep that shine glowing since day 1? This is not the only solution from Mothers for that matter, but the 8100 is one of their best – and best rated/purchased.

Also, the great thing about this formula is the versatility of the product. It will work great with any kind of car painting. No stains, no rub or swirls will be left behind. While this kind of polisher will not remove defects and some bruises, it will surely retouch and keep the original glow of your car.

Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish good polisher for black cars

Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish

This one is rated 5 stars on Amazon and must be one of the best things out there for you to polish your car. It was positively rated by over 400 different users and is a great polisher and finisher, that means you don’t need to apply wax either. The LG100 Ultimate Formula is perhaps quite popular because it is extremely durable and you don’t have to remove it. The product goes smooth and you don’t have to be an expert applying it Just let it sit and shine for a long, long while. No wonder the product is so lover around the web. On the other hand, the formula is quite light and gentle, it won’t remove bolder defects in the painting, rather remover swirls and stains of all sort. This is nonetheless the most expensive product of our list, around 20 dollars (all other products are around 8 to 10 dollars, a default price for the best car polish products.

Best Car polisher runner ups : Other Polishers to Consider

Meguiar’s M105 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound

Meguiar's M105 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound

While this is a 5 star Meguiar’s polisher, we don’t include it as a top polisher because you will only need this guy when you are really in trouble. Acid rain, tougher swirls and stains are the kind of thing that requires this kind of heavy formula. The M105 Mirror Glaze is micro abrasive, quite strong, so you should only use it when you need to peel your car’s skin a bit to make it paired. Nonetheless, by the 5 star rate it does what it promises.

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish

This other polisher made by Mothers is a paste version quite popular (4 and a half stars rate) especially because it is like a beauty treatment for your car. The more you apply it, the better the color is conserved, working like a sunblock and barrier against many kinds of stains. It is easy to apply, though it requires a classic cloth, old fashioned style of application and you should be skilled to do that otherwise… caca on your car.

Polishing vs. Waxing

If you are a beginner in this field, don’t confuse one thing for the other. Polishers are not wax and they also require you to know if your car’s painting is compatible with the chemicals they use. You should check with each manufacturer whether they really work for your car or not – a matte painting really will not be compatible with most polishers, for instance, so be aware.

Also, bear in mind that polishers will not fix deep bruises like we mentioned in the beginning of our list. Don’t waste your money trying products to mask deep cuts in the bodywork. You will have to repaint, perhaps smooth out the metal even. If you have a new car and well preserved car, you better stick with waxes while most polishers might be too strong for a brand new painting.