While it seems that most customers don’t trust too much the purchase of such items online – Amazon, Walmart and Ebay for instance showed an average of only 7 to 20 buyers for this products, car covers are quite useful accessories for those who do really love esteem their beloved car and are looking for the best in the market to encapsulate them against many kinds of damages to the painting, like the fading of lively color to actual damages and stains. The best car covers in the market offer all this kind of things, even a literal capsule or cocoon to keep them away for real of the outside. Let’s see what these gems of the car cover industry have to offer to you and your car as we bring you our best car cover reviews.

Best Car Cover : Top 5 Reviews

HAIL Protector Car Cover

HAIL Protector Car Cover

  • Patented system of protection (Patent US 8,985,672) for inside and outside.
  • 6 Sizes to Choose From (menu above), Portable Storm Protective Car Cover System for sedans, hatchbacks and wagons between 171″ and 190″ in length
  • Includes a Lifetime Subscription to an Early Warning Severe Weather Alert Service
  • Remote Controlled, Includes 3 power sources (“AA” battery pack runs for 1 hour, Car Accessory Plug runs for 3 hours, AC adapter runs virtually indefinitely
  • Inflatable,Indoor and outdoor
  • Protects against sun, rain, dust, sand and, when remotely activated, any size hail protection with The Hail Protector System
  • Designed for traditional car cover use too: breathability for healthy car finish, silver color for heat resistance, treated for UV resistance, treated for water resistance

This car cover is a 4 star product and costs originally $589, while you can find it by $420 on promotional sale.

CarCapsule Inflatable Car Cover

CarCapsule Inflatable Car Cover

  • The bubble is made from durable 10 millimeter double polished PVC with radio frequency welded seam that protects against accidental damages
  • Basement is made from 18 millimeter PVC that is mildew, abrasion, flame resistant and also impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze
  • Available in two different sizes only: 14”, 16” 18”, 20” and 22”. Both have identical shape, though the prices will range from $359 to $479 according to the height
  • Use for indoor only
  • The Evaporative Storage System, the filtered air inside the bubble changes 3 to 6 times every hour keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside
  • Eliminate any moisture to condense on your vehicle or motorcycle

Rated as a 4 and a half stars product, prices ranging from $479 to $359. You can find the 16” sizes on promotional sale for up to $350.

Only Unique Innovative Car Cover

ONLY® Innovative Car Cover - Completed Within a Minute, Waterproof, Breathable Series SL for Hatchb

  • Aluminum foil surface layer effectively reduce the temperature inside the car, lower the risk of equipment deterioration and the release of toxic gas
  • Available in 5 different size ranges
  • Inside and outside use
  • Extremely fast and easy to apply, completely changed the traditional method of using the simple car cover
  • Resistant, soft cloth to protect the damages from the inside layer to scratch the painting of you car
  • Has powerful sunscreen filter, is snow and waterproof as well as it will keep your car away from the sun UV rays heat and radioactive damage

4 and a half stars. The prices will ranged depending of the original buyer – and the size – from $240 to $118.

OxGord 5 Layer/Ply Duty

5 Layer/Ply Duty Waterproof Car Cover w/ Fleece Inner Lining by OxGord, Fits Cars up to 229"


  • Made of Quality 5 Ply Polypropylene w/ a Soft Fleece Inner Lining and PVC Coating
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • The original manufacturer offer supplies a storage bag included
  • Available in six different sizes


  • Quite durable and damage proof: Protects the car from rain, frost, snow, sun UV rays, the settling of dust and other atmospheric debris
  • It is designed with grommet holes for strings, ropes, or locks (accessories not included though)


This is another 4 and half stars. The prices will range from size to tize, from $80 to $224 depending on the size and seller. (Original listing prices are up to $149 to $250.

Covercraft C40004 Ready-Fit

Covercraft C40004 Ready-Fit Multibond Car Cover - Best Car Covers


  • Good cost-benefit for quality and protection
  • 3-Layer Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric
  • Universal fit, the brand though has many other custom fit sizes for specific cars, all rated as well as the universal
  • Outdoor and Indoor use


  • Protects interior and exterior from UV
  • Offer all the basic protection a car cover must offer but for much more competitive prices Best Car Cover
  • Breathable and soft layer; moisture will evaporate (is not waterproof however)


4 stars. The price range goes from $103 to $79 on promotional sale.

The Buyer FAQ

Before we jump to our models, let’s make it clear some frequent doubts on purchasing an effective car cover:

How do I know a car cover will feet my car?

The most accurate answer is: measure it yourself and match the measures with the cover you are interested on. There are in the market at least three types of car covers. Standard custom fits, Universal custom fits and the Universal Inflatable sizes, and the same goes for other vehicles like SUVs and motorbikes . While you can surely trust the inflatable ones, because they are quite large and wide, the other two may be too tight, short or large and sloppy for your vehicle.
Each manufactures has specific instructions so you can measure accurately if your car fits the car cover so contact them before you post your order. Also check, as a safety measure, the purchase policy to be sure the company will accept returns and get your money back.

What should I look for when looking for the best car cover?

There are some basics all car covers must offer: first, protection against dust, protection against moisture (breathable fabrics) and protection against UV rays from the sun and/or the sun heat. This is the profile of a basic outdoors car cover, however the indoor ones for instance will not need protection against UV rays while on the other hand, you will need a special fan accessory to filter all the dust of the air while you keep it circulating inside a capsule style of indoor car cover. Set you priorities about when you and where you will need to let your car sit (in the open, inside, etc) to know which one – and perhaps more than one type – you should buy.

How much should I invest in a car cover?

This answer mostly is up to you, but one of the reasons why there are not so much buyers online investing in this accessory is the fact the best car covers cost around $100 to $500, which might see an extravagance for some people.

However, the facts are:

  1. If you have a classic car and wants to keep it classic rather than old, a quite fancy cover is essential to do not damage the quality of the painting since you will have to pay so much more to repaint a rarity.
  2. Contemporary cars have much more delicate paintings and will drastically fade away within 3 to 5 years, around the time you starts to think on buying another car, simple because it looks problematic and outdated starting by the outside if you don’t take good care of your car, something you can avoid for much longer protecting your car with a good cover – and of course, periodically doing all the right check ups of the vehicle.

Comparison Chart – Sizes Layers Ready Time

  • HAIL PROTECTOR Car Cover System 6 3 8 to 10 minutes (inflatable)
  • CarCapsule 3 3 4 to 7 minutes (inflatable)
  • Only® Unique Innovative Car Cover 5 3 18 seconds
  • OxGord 5 Layer/Ply Duty 6 5 10 to 15 seconds
  • Covercraft C40004 Ready-Fit 1 (Universal for sedans) 3 15 seconds